City of San Diego Mobility Board - Shared screen with speaker view
Paul Jamason
I don’t think we should decide on whether to add bike lanes based on existing ridership alone, when the road is as dangerous as West Washington. Most new/inexperienced riders would never ride under the before conditions.
Paul Jamason
This is a critical connector to the trolley station. And regarding the hill, e-bikes are increasingly popular.
Paul Jamason
Alex said what I was thinking. We don’t measure the number of people swimming across a river before we build a bridge over it. Dangerous road conditions that reduce ridership shouldn’t prevent safe bike infrastructure IMO.
Serge Issakov
But if the theory is that the bike infrastructure will increase ridership, and especially if that’s the reason the money is being spent and the parking is being removed, you need the before and after measures to see if the theory was correct, and by how much. I’d like to see before and after injury and fatality numbers as well.
Serge Issakov
It’s all spelled out in the CVC
Paul Jamason
Thank you Alex!
Alexander Bakst
Thanks y’all